Unlock the power of INTENTION for 2016 with just one word

Christine Kane and I have been acquainted for many years now – since way back when I was the Membership Manager for WNCW and she was a working musician.

Later, as Development Director for Dogwood Alliance, I was delighted to see her name in our list of supporters because it meant I would get to know her a bit more.  She has a pretty amazing story.  Hers may have been the first blog I ever followed.

Early on, she had this great tool for starting the new year.

Instead of making resolutions, she had decided to pick a WORD to guide her through the year.  As soon as I read that post the little “ding” went off in my mind. You know that “ding” that tells you, “yes, this lines up with my inner guidance.  I’m going to see where this leads.”


Of course, we all know most resolutions don’t work, so I never bothered with that malarky.  But a WORD – I could feel the expansive qualities a guiding word could provide.

As Christine says, “A WORD not a resolution – contains energy and images and meaning — things our hearts and souls can get excited about! This is how transformation begins.  And, when you choose your Word-of-the-Year, there’s this great feeling that happens when the word just “locks in” and you know it’s right.  It’s a little scary… and a little perfect.”

In 2015 my word was Order.

After my break-up with my partner of 9+ years , I wanted to experience order in my home, my work and my finances.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that any of those things look Pinterest-board-perfect as 2015 draws to a close.  There was quite a lot to put in order after that relationship!  But I can say that I definitely experience more order in those areas. I’ve set up systems for my finances, moved whole rooms full of furniture and put up shelves, cleared my home office and brought my many work and community projects into greater focus.

A year of living into a deeper sense of order,  has created meaningful transformations that will continue to help me live with intention.
I hold a vision for our community and our world. #CultivateCommunity

I hold a vision for our community and our world. #CultivateCommunity

Harvest follows order. Harvest does not follow chaos.

“Harvest follows order. Harvest does not follow chaos.” ~Angeles Ariens

And now new year approaches and it’s time for a new word.

So, I’ve download my copy of Christine’s free e-book “Your Word of the Year – Uplevel Your Life with the Power of Your Intention”.     I always enjoy using this tool to gain clarity and courage for the coming year.

Are you curious to discover your Word of the Year?  Download your free copy here.  I’d love to know what you come up with!

Peace and fun,