#TithingTuesday – nourishing my vision

I hold a vision for our community and our world. #CultivateCommunity

I hold a vision of resiliency, prosperity, peace and fun for All. #CultivateCommunity

If you’re not giving away money, you are missing one of the most enriching experiences you can have. Just a small portion says to your soul “I have enough to share.”

For me, tithing means being a source of nourishment to people and groups that spiritually nourish me. And yes, for me tithing is 10%. That amount gives me a regular opportunity to remember and know that I have enough to share and that my Source and Supply are unlimited.

On #tithingTuesday ‘s I share my enthusiasm for a group or groups that inspire me and contribute to my vision for a world of health, resiliency, prosperity, peace and fun for all the children of every species everywhere forever!

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