Cultivate Social Profit

Whether for-profit or non-profit, Social Profit organizations all contribute to a world of resiliency and prosperity for all.

I am a co-founder and  social profit cultivator at Social Profit Strategies.  For more than two decades I have worked with for-profit and non-profit businesses that are committed to contributing to a vision of prosperity, vitality and peace for the whole community.

We work with forward-thinking leaders who are engaged in their communities and who value collaborative leadership. Our clients and partners respect systems-thinking. In an increasingly complex and interdependent world, they look beyond business as usual to fundamental systems transformation.

Whether they are providing leadership and resources in non-profits, for-profits or networks, our clients have social missions that contribute to a vision of resiliency, health and prosperity for all. They understand that creating powerful impact takes great people, processes and plans. We help facilitate, plan, and re-tool structures so they can achieve it.