Ministry & Prayer

Spiritual Counsel and Prayer Ministry

People call or meet with me for life-counseling from my spiritual perspective, for guidance on consciously preparing for and enacting healing journeys and for prayer ministry.

I do not have any degrees in psychology or counseling or therapy.  I have simply healed myself through an unfolding, relentlessly tenacious pursuit of truth, compassion and communion with the Eternal Source both internally and as expressed in the natural world.

I am a student of  A Course in Miracles, Science of Mind, the teachings of Unity and Oneness.  I am a gratefully recovering addict and co-dependent in the Shamanic 12 Steps Tradition.

To schedule a time to talk with me please send an email to [email protected] and I’ll be in touch with you right away.

My Spiritual Life Counseling and Prayer ministry is offered in the spirit of Connection.  If you are able to make a donation you may do so via paypal.

I am especially appreciative of these teachers:

John Mark Stroud who loving shares his guidance on A Course in Miracles through

Marianne Williamson, who first introduced me to the Course and continues to teach with so much grace and wisdom.

Eckart Tolle who articulated the timeless Truth so clearly to a generation.

Depak Chopra, who elucidated the connection between neuro-biology, physics and spiritual awakening.

Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy.

Charles and Myrtle Filmore founders of Unity.

Abraham, the collective consciousness who speaks through Esther Hicks