Groups and businesses in southeast are becoming more adaptive and resilient through the use of Dynamic Governance

How many awesome groups or businesses in western NC do you know that

  • Want to be inclusive of diverse perspectives but they also need to be efficient?
  • Want to empower people but they also need people to be accountable?
  • Need to be able to adapt to change quickly but they struggle to get people to make a decision and move forward together?

These do not have to be “either/or” choices.  Leaders can have “both/and” organizations.  Dynamic Governance helps groups and businesses like this become resilient, efficient, fair, creative and powerful.

In Asheville and the surrounding region, businesses, organizations and networks like Sow True Seed, YWCA and the Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council are seeing remarkable results as they adopt the methods and tools of Dynamic Governance at the pace and scale that works for them.

People can learn these paradigm-shifting methods and tools in bite-sized pieces and begin using them right away to see remarkable results.

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Asheville Church of the Garden honors our spiritual connection the Earth community

I started Church of the Garden because I couldn’t quite find the spiritual community I wanted in Asheville.  There are wonderful congregations here but one of the main Banner_center_640things I needed in a Sunday service is to worship “in the round”.  Jubilee does that and they are a fabulous congregation.

But I also wanted a service that was little more contemplative and included times of quiet and meditation.

I wanted a service that makes our connection to nature and the Earth community central to the message.  And I wanted to spend at least some part of our Sunday services to be held outside.  It’s remarkable to note that this whole rainy summer we’ve been able to gather outdoors for 11 out of 12 our Sunday services!

At Church of the Garden we honor the Eternal, Divine Source as present in all Life and we celebrate our humanness as member of the Earth community.

Of course, I didn’t start Church of the Garden by myself.  Those who chose to participate help create our services collaboratively.   From the beginning we have made acts of service a part of our community.  Though these offerings of service have been small so far, it is our vision that Church of the Garden will be a community that puts our spiritual values into loving action.

We will hold our Sunday services at OM Sanctuary through September.   After that we’ll find a new home where we can have more options for colder weather.

Like our Facebook page to see updates about our services or email avlchurchofthegarden (at)


This. Earth Day

Once today when you eat or turn on a light or put on your shoes call to mind all that came to together to bring this abundance into your experience.

All the elements, all the species, all the people.

You may experience a moment of awe.

Does this make you feel blessed?  Unworthy? Supported by Life? Vulnerable?  Stay with it all, just for 5 breathes.

Life is living now.


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